Setting Up / FAQ

In order to provide the best live entertainment experience possible, the band and supporting team work hard to ensure the whole event goes as smoothly as it can. Many live bands focus exclusively on the gig itself, but Candy Spangles and the Green Oyster Band understand the importance of effectively planning the whole event.

Corporate live entertainment, West Midlands - setting up

Setting up

The band typically arrive at 6.00pm or thereabouts and it takes about an hour and a quarter to set up the PA system and all the lighting, so they're good to go from about 7.30pm.

They bring a dedicated Roadie to help carry all the necessary equipment, and he also works to check that the quality of the sound is good throughout the evening.

He also makes sure the lights are working correctly and that everything is safe throughout the evening.

Performance: Wedding band west midlands

The Performance

The band aim to be entirely focused on your needs throughout the evening.​

Too loud? - They will turn turn down Can't hear the singers? - they'll turn them up

Want to sing on stage with the band? - just ask and as long as you're sober, it shouldn't be a problem

What the band play is based on what you want, not on what they like (although the two are often the same), and they do their best to remain true to the original versions whilst at the same time making them come alive for your guests.

Packing away: wedding band west midlands

Packing Away

At the end of an evening of live music and entertainment that you'll remember for years, the band will pack away their equipment whilst the music plays on.​

The laptop DJ service offers a choice of literally thousands of tracks and the band will happily take requests from your guests, regardless of whether they want to hear Skrillex or The Wurzels (and they've had requests for both).

Alternatively, if you've prepared a list of tracks in advance that you'd like to hear the band will be happy to cue them all up ready to go - it's up to you

Frequently Asked Questions

The section below covers most of the frequently asked questions that come up over and over again. If there's something we haven't answered, please get in touch and we'll come back to you with a response as soon as we can

Q How long have you been together?

A We emerged from the ashes of a previous incarnation that had been together since the mid 90's with a number of different line ups.​​

Q Do you have adequate insurance cover?

A We have both public liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance. Many venues will not allow bands to perform unless they have public liability insurance.

Q What are the power requirements to operate the bands equipment?

A We require two x 13amp double switch sockets as a minimum (not one socket with a four gang extension) to support the operation of full PA and lighting. For outdoor events a 20 KVA generator supply will be required, please make the band aware of a generator supply before the event, as special leads may be required. All electrical equipment is fully PAT tested and risk assessed.

Q How much room do you need?

A To enable adequate room for lighting sound and performance a minimum area of 6 metre wide by 3 metre deep is preferred, although we can (and have) operated in much smaller environments.

Q Do we need a contract? Are you willing to make additions to the contract to meet any special needs we have?

A Yes, we have a written contract we'll both need to sign. We're happy to modify the contract subject to any special needs you may have and will let you know in advance if we are unable to accommodate these special needs.

Q How many songs are in your play list? What styles of music do you play? (Are the styles you play the kind of music we want to have?)

A We have a large repertoire of well rehearsed material ideal for weddings, parties, celebrations and functions of any kind. We like to get everyone up and dancing and normally perform either 2 x 45 minute sets or 1:30hr set decided by you on the night. If there are specific songs you would like us to play, mention this to us well in advance and we will try to accommodate you. We'll confirm what is and isn't possible.

Q How much do you charge for an 'all day' reception? Are there any other charges above and beyond the quoted price? How much do you charge for extra sets?

A We normally arrive at about 6.00pm for wedding receptions. There is a surcharge for afternoon set up negotiable depending on arrival time and travelling distance and there is a surcharge for performances that continue after midnight in keeping with Musicians Union guidelines. There are no other hidden charges.

Q What will you wear?

A We always dress smartly and distinctively on and off stage. Pete, Eric and Simon wear shirts and ties; Candy and Magic Jenny dress more flamboyantly, but still smartly and in colours appropriate to the other members. We're not going to embarrass you by turning up in jeans and t-shirts.

Q Do you expect to be fed?​

a No, the band does not expect to be fed. However, we normally leave home late afternoon and therefore anything you can offer would be gratefully received!

Q What are your deposit and payment requirements?

A As per the contract, we require a deposit of £50 to secure the booking. The remainder is payable in cash (minus deposit) before the end of the night and preferably in advance of the performance.

Q Are you experienced in performing at wedding receptions and corporate events?

A Definitely, YES! The majority of our bookings are weddings and corporate events. We’re typically recommended because of our outstanding performances and high standard of professionalism. We were voted Wedding Band of the Year 2009.

Q My friends and I have a band and they're coming. Can we play your instruments?

A No. Whilst we would like to be as accommodating as possible, we cannot let members of the audience play our instruments or use our equipment. Our equipment is very costly and it is too risky.

Q Can I sing with you?

A Yes, absolutely. We welcome sober people onto the stage to sing a song by prior arrangement.

Q Can we come and see you play before we book you?

A Most of our bookings are private functions, so we can't offer this. But you're welcome to come and see us rehearse, there are recordings of the band on our website and we'd be pleased to meet with you in advance of the event where it is possible to do so.

Q How long do you require to set up?

A We are normally able to get all the sound and lighting equipment set up and the sound check completed within one and a quarter hours. It is always necessary for the band to carry out a 'sound check' to ensure the sound quality and volume level is appropriate for the room and guests, and this takes approximately 15 minutes. If guests are still present in the room, we will announce what they are doing and ask for their patience. If possible, it's recommended that you clear the room during the set up period sound check.

Q How long are your breaks and do you provide any music during the breaks?

A The length of the breaks and all the timings are specified by you on the night to fit your schedule and the band is prepared to wait in the wings if things are running behind schedule. We generally work alongside a DJ and strongly recommend this if your budget will stretch to it, as the atmosphere is kept going throughout the entire night. We can however provide high quality, legally acquired background music through the PA system for no extra charge.

Q Will you learn any special songs if they are not already on your play list?

A We will always try to learn at least one special song not on the play list. You may also want to consider asking your DJ to play any other special requests.